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Individualized neuropsychological testing for children, teens, and adults
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Neuropsych testing, without the fuss.

We are passionate about making comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation simple and accessible for everyone.

Comprehensive Mental Health Disability Assessment

We use different tests to measure how your brain works and offer wide array of psychological testing services and mental health assessment options for children, teens, and adults. Each client gets an individualized combination of assessments based on their needs, existing conditions or diagnoses, and goals for testing.

Our team analyzes the results and translates them into a robust report to share findings, confirm or clarify mental health conditions or learning disorders (such as ADHD or Autism) and provide a baseline for proper treatment planning.

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Reasons for Psychological Testing

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New Mental Health Diagnosis

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Confirm Existing Diagnosis

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ADHD Testing

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation

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Individualized Education Program (IEP) Testing

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Medication Management

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Employment Needs

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Learning Disabilities

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Differential Diagnosis

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Co-occurring Disorders

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Treatment Planning

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Court-ordered Testing

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Cognition & Memory Testing

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Intelligence Testing

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Risk Assessment

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Substance Abuse Assessment

Reasons for Psychological Testing

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Kid-friendly psychological testing for children facing cognitive, learning, or behavioral challenges.

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Teens & Adolescents

Mental health assessment options for teens and adolescents seeking clarity around a new or existing diagnosis.

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Men & Women

Adult neuropsych testing for men and women who have questions about their mental health.


What is done in a neuropsychological evaluation?

The type of assessments administered vary from one client to the next, but the process will always include:

  1. Phone screening with client / parent of client
  2. In-person interview with client
  3. Testing (verbal, digital, or written)
  4. Interpretation and analysis of test results
  5. Robust 8-12 page written report including results and potential diagnoses
  6. Option to schedule a meeting with Dr. Doshay for verbal explanation of results
  7. Suggested next steps and treatment planning
Does insurance cover neuropsychological evaluation?
Neuropsychological evaluations are often covered by insurance but it depends on your coverage and carrier. Reach out to our team of insurance specialists at KMN to learn if testing would be covered for you. We accept PPO and non-insurance clients.
Does neuropsych test for anxiety?
Neuropsych testing can determine the existence of an anxiety disorder. Testing uncovers thinking and behavior patterns that are unique to disorders like anxiety to help professionals make proper diagnoses and treatment plans.
What is the difference between psych testing and Neuropsych testing?
Neuropsych testing is the more detailed version of psych testing. Psychological (psych) testing can be understood as the umbrella term which neuropsychological (neuropsych) testing falls under. Psych testing is a very wide-ranging term that can include a number of different assessment methods, neuropsychological testing being one of them. Neuropsychological testing tends to be more standardized, detailed, and focused on quantifiable results.
Is a neuropsych evaluation worth it?
Neuropsych evaluations are exceptionally beneficial for people seeking answers about their mental health or facing challenges they can’t seem to overcome on their own. Regardless of if a client has experience with mental health, a neuropsych test is a great first step to better understanding how your brain and behavior are related, and if there is a potential diagnosis or treatment plan that would improve quality of life or improve daily functioning.
Who does the neuropsychological testing?

To give neuropsych assessments, a psychiatrist or psychologist must complete masters-level education programs, specific training, and yearly certifications.

Our leading clinical psychologist and neuropsychology expert, Dr. Doshay, and his assessment team administer all assessments, and offer clients the option to schedule a meeting following testing to discuss the 8-12 page robust report findings in detail.

“My daughter was having difficulty at school, and with each day I felt more helpless. When I found KMN Psych, I realized professional testing was the only way we could get the answers we needed.

The process was simple, insightful, and truly changed our lives.”

— Michelle R.

Verify Insurance

As part of the screening process, we help clients verify their insurance provider can provide financial assistance. We accept PPO as well as non-insured clients. Let us walk you through the process so you can get tested as soon as possible.

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